Local Market Tour

Duration: 3-5 hours
Mode: Walking and rickshaw rides
Markets/bazaars on the itinerary: bridal market, flower market, incense and spice market, fruit and vegetable market (and many more bazaars)
Artisans & craftsmen you will interact with: Sweetmeat maker, turban maker, statue sculptor, clay potter, block printer.
Also on the itinerary: Visits to old temples and havelis (heritage residences)
For the taste buds: Jaipur’s famous street foods, chai-tea, lassi and sweets during the walk.
What you can expect
This tour has been designed especially to let the foreign tourists get an immersive experience into the everyday life of India. Here, you can expect an intellectual, informative and interesting cultural walk that goes beyond the usual touristy glitz and instead gives you an immersive experience in the local favors of the city.
Your guide will take you for this 3-5 hours’ group tour. The longer distances will be covered by rickshaw ride. You will be able to interact with Jaipur’s natives at their local residences and work places. You will weave through meandering lanes to explore traditional bazaars like bridal market, flower market, incense and spice market, vegetable and fruit market, and various other bazaars. You will see the bangle maker, sweetmeats maker, turban maker, statue sculptor and clay potter at work. You will also visit old temples and heritage residences called havelis famed for their quaint architecture and fine artisanal craftsmanship. While visiting areas of the old city, you will also be able to grasp the caste system in India. During the walk, you will get to taste the best street foods, chai-tea, lassi and sweets Jaipur has to offer.
Our commitment: We ask you to trust us. Whatever we charge you, it will be upfront. No hidden commissions, no typical tourist traps, tricks or tactics at all.